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The Puffers are an informal running club who have enjoyed the sport of running and running-related activity for over thirty years. The Puffers are located in Picton, NSW Australia, a small rural community 100kms South West of Sydney.

This blog allows each and every runner to post a story and photos about anything they have achieved in their running careers so that the rest of the Puffers can read and comment.

Enjoy the blog

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  1. Come on Ine, Ken and Sue – how about writing up your recent achievements. LOL 🙂

  2. Hi Puffers,
    Angela and I have just come back from the Gold Coast. I managed a pb for the ½ marathon in 1:55:40 so pleased with that. Ange finished the full in 4:42:27 what a courageous effect, just so proud. While I was waiting at the 32km mark for Ange I saw Thomas (Rocket’s lad) he looked good. I called out but he was so focused. Didn’t see Tracey.

    I’m off to the Dolls Point ½ marathon this Sunday, yeh another one. A training run for the Outback Marathon at Ayers Rocks on the 31st. Certainly a busy July for me.

    See you all soon, Kenny Mac

  3. Kenny Mac said:

    Hi All

    I got back from the Australian Outback Marathon late on Sunday evening and what a great time I had in Ayers Rock. I was a little tired and sore but feeling pretty good.

    I ran it in 5:27 which was, as a total pretty good. The first thirty kms I was smokin’ ran it in 3:17 then like a great big truck ran over me I hit the wall completely dehydrated. The sand was much tougher than I first thought and it had become quite hot. I will have to increase my fluid intake to at least 600 mls per 5 km in this sort of race, I sweat so much. There were water stations every 3 kms so it was easy to replenish my liquid stores. And to think Ine did the desert for 7 days, you’re a legend Ine.

    I had my camera with me shot a few pictures as well as some small films with commentary for Angela. Yep, I even mentioned “the scenery was beautiful” many times just for her.

    I enjoyed it so much that I will go back next year. It’s amazing how many other runner nutters there are out in our big world.

    See you all on Sunday
    Kenny Mac

  4. Maree Williams said:

    Aww come on Ken, are you a nutter? I guess you can say, you got rocks in your head! That one big rock Bro!!

  5. Good Evening Runners
    Started my 100 days of running again, this year I’m all about improving on last year (653kms) so far at 55 days I’m at 467kms and feel strong. This is all for the Outback Marathon at Ayers Rock in July. I’ve entered it again, might be hooked on the outback, just a country boy at heart.
    What have I been up to race wise…. Did the Camden 10km 53:06 and saw young Kevin as I went through for my second lap.
    Went to Bathurst for the ½ marathon ran quite well considering the cold, 1:52:35. It was -1°C and everything was white. Didn’t need music at the start everybody was shaking all over….
    Lined up with the 12,000 plus people for the Sydney ½ marathon 1:52:41. This 100 days training has improved my runs considerably.
    I’m off to the Glow Worm Tunnel ½ marathon on Sunday (secret I’m 57 on Sunday)…. I had a look at the profile and I can’t see any PB’s happening. I’ll take my camera and enjoy the scenery.
    See you all the Sunday after.
    Cheers Kenny Mac

  6. Hi All
    My 100 days of running had a sudden stop at 72 days 619½ kms with a small tare in my calf on the 17th June. Went to the Narellan sport physio and they helped me mend the tear so that I could race the Gold Coast ½ marathon on the 1st July. This would be my 50th ½ marathon. I was lucky it was only a grade one tear. All went well and I made it to the Gold Coast for race day. I was a little worried about the run but the legs performed and I came in with 1:53:58, very happy with that and it was lovely and warm up in Qld.
    I lined up this morning for another ½ marathon at Dolls Point (Sri Chinmoy). It was 4°C this morning just not the same as Qld. Tough race today 2:01:01. Now that’s number 51 on my way to the magic 100 (in my dreams). Miss you all……See you all next Sunday.
    Cheers Kenny Mac
    P.S. only 3 weeks till the Australian Outback Marathon

  7. Getting out the front door is always the hardest part of any run

    Just another Thursday afternoon left work on time and had a dream run home, well that is, after getting past all the stop start crap at the JRD section of the M4 and made it to the front door by 5:10. During my drive home I had grand plans of running one of my long tracks tonight, it’s so easy visualising and planning a run whilst driving home. It’s walking through the front door when all those plans can and do come adrift and float away down the hallway………woops running plan is gone.

    So I decided to come at this plan from a different angle. Before I turned the ignition off I sat in my car and told myself to go into the house and not do the same old, same old. Grabed my gear and went in, went straight to the walk-in robe and put on my running shorts, a t-shirt and thongs and then I proceeded to do the normal, put my stuff in the writing room and my lunch gear in the kitchen. Now I’m half way prepared for the run.

    It was easy from here, I got the rest of the running gear ready and put more clothes on, it has been so cold outside lately specially this time of night. It’s amazing how much stuff you take on a long run.

    Band-Aids, shoes, socks, shorts, 3 tops, arm warmers, gloves, cap, GPS watch, phone, ID, money, GU, bum bag, backpack, 2 bottles of water (Gatorade), loo paper, Vaseline, Rear red lights x 2, head light. Hell I must look like a Christmas tree.

    It’s now 6:00 and I’m off with full intention of doing the Cawdor 22km loop. Headed off and went for it. A long slow run and I enjoyed it all the way, yes it was dark and very cold but I felt good afterwards, not sore at all just a little tired and cold. Got back by 8:17 after completing a very pleasant 22kms. The hot shower was the best that is until it went cold….then I remembered I put all my running gear in the wash and forgot I did, silly me.

    Kenny Mac
    P.S. I leave on Thursday for Ayers Rock….see you all soon

  8. Kenny Mac said:

    Saturday morning, the alarm called out telling me to get up and go swim training. It was dark and 3°……..”I would rather stay in bed just this once” I told the alarm, no luck it continued to blast away until I got up. Ended up being another great session at the Picton Pool with the guys and gals. We managed 3.7 kms all up. I’ve now completed 76.5 kms so far this year swimming , funny more than I’ve walked (no running allowed)..
    Kenny Mac

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